Tired of telling the hospitals that you fell off a ladder again in fear your insurance wouldn't cover?

Brandon Parrish | Owner | BrokerRiderSurance.com is an action sports-friendly place to quote and apply for insurance. The perk of this site is we specialize in finding insurance plan's to meet your needs that do not have hobby or occupational exclusions specific to racing, riding or whatever sports you participate in.

A message from our president, Brandon Parrish

"Are you tired of telling the hospitals and doctors that you got hurt playing football?" 

My name is Brandon Parrish and like many of you, I have grown up with a love for action sports, riding motocross, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, BMXing, riding street bikes, and racing on closed courses. Starting at the age of fifteen, I raced motorcycles for twelve consecutive years, three years professionally, and on top of that, I accidentally started a career in the insurance industry in 2003. Being a racer and insurance agent, I saw that many riders and racers were having problems getting insurance. Either their policy did not cover racing and they lied to the hospitals and doctors about how they got hurt, or they just simply did not have insurance. In 2007 I started RiderSurance.com to promote health, life, and disability insurance to individuals and families specifically helping the action sports industry. Since the beginning I have dealt with many walks of life from the richest to the poorest, to the sickest to the healthiest; who either did not have insurance, the correct insurance, or enough insurance in force. One of the main reasons that I have found as to why people are not insured properly is the lack of awareness. To increase awareness, people need to be educated and have a credible source to obtain coverage and get their questions answered.  Thanks for visiting and please let us know how we can help. 


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We do not work for the insurance companies, we work for you! So let us quote your insurance options so you get the best plan for your dollar.

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Things To Know

1. Is my sport covered?

Yes we can get you covered!

We specialize in offering plans that do not have exclusions for hobbies and occupations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can get you dialed in with a plan that meets your needs.

2.What if I don't ride?

Our plans are for anyone!

While our unique niche is serving the action sports industry, we have served individuals, families, groups and business's since 2003 that do not have any connection to action sports.

3. What insurance companies do you offer?

We offer a number of products through a vast number of insurance companies.  Some of our biggest carriers include but are not limited to: Aetna, Coventry, United Health One, Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Air Services Association, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Voya Life, Banner Life, Sagicor Life, American General Life, Best Doctors, BUPA International, and many more.

4. Privacy Notice

We do not sell, trade, or give any of your information to anyone period, and it is only used by RiderSurance representatives to communicate insurance information. Not only is this our promise, but it is also in compliance with the [HIPAA] Health Information Privacy Act.

5. Effective Dates

Do not wait to contact us about coverage!

Effective dates vary from what type of product you want to what state you live in.  So do not wait to contact us about coverage because in some situations there can be a 30 day waiting period before your policy can be put in force.

6. Pre-Existing Conditions

Every situation is different

Don't hesitate to contact us.  Your information is private and confidential.  If you have had issues in the past with your pre-existing condition this may not be the case now.  There are so many different rules and guidelines that change month to month that it may not affect you.  With one conversation we can help guide you in the right direction with no strings attached.

7. Is RiderSurance an Insurer?

No, we are an insurance brokerage

Our purpose is to quote and compare all of the insurance options that are available to your unique situation so that you get the best plan for your dollar.  For us to do this there is no additional fee. We help get you signed up, and the insurance companies pay us once you are approved and satisfied.

8. Do these plans cover me outside of my sport?

Yes!  These plans cover you 24/7

The majority of our plans will cover you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on and off the track unless you choose otherwise.   

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We are an insurance brokerage firm specializing in finding you insurance plans to help cover your risks in life. The perks of our services include knowing exactly which companies have exclusions for riding and racing so you know you are covered on and off the track. But if you don’t ride, it’s even easier to find a plan that will meet your budget and needs as we cater to any individual or family under the age of 65.