Life Flight & Air Ambulance

As the cost of medical transport increases each year, and insurance coverage decreases, learn more today how this plan can prevent these increased costs from impacting you directly.

Life Flight Ambulance Coverage

Ground Ambulance

Ground Ambulance

Emergency ground ambulance transportation for members to and from appropriate medical facilities – whether members are close to home or around the world – by covering the out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by insurance.

Life Flight

Helicopter Transportation

If emergency helicopter transportation is needed, any out-of-pocket costs are covered that members incur from helicopter transports to the nearest appropriate medical facilities capable of providing required medical treatment.

Medical Airplane

Medical Airplane

When members need to be transported by air ambulance to a specilized treatment facility, that medical airplane transportation will be coordinated, plus get the member back home free of charge.

As we all know, sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. As we see to often this risk goes up while riding and racing. If the unexpected happens to you or a family member, are you prepared to cover the costs that typical medical insurance does not pay? Most people assume that their health insurance will cover the cost of ground and air ambulance services. This is a myth! Unfortunately, most people are shocked to receive exorbitant medical bills after-the-fact. What awaits them are bureaucratic nightmares to get their bills paid. Even worse, family members are often left to handle the financial liabilities of their loved ones by themselves because they don't know where or how to get help.

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We are an insurance brokerage firm specializing in finding you insurance plans to help cover your risks in life. The perks of our services include knowing exactly which companies have exclusions for riding and racing so you know you are covered on and off the track. But if you don’t ride, it’s even easier to find a plan that will meet your budget and needs as we cater to any individual or family under the age of 65.