U.S. Rider Package

U.S. Rider Package

The joy of participating in action sports is something that can't be fully explained. While the risk are high, we don't think twice about spending thousands of dollars on equipment, traveling, competition fees, race fuel, parts, bikes, boards, safety equipment etc...to go have a great time.  However, one thing that is often overlooked is your insurance coverage! Unfortunately a lot of riders do not put insurance at the top of their priority list because of several reasons. 1) it is not a tangible item, 2) they are not aware of the risk or gaps in coverage and 3) some riders would rather take the financial gamble. The scary part is that it only takes one accident or miscalculation on someone else's part, to put you in a very expensive medical situation.

We have put together The Rider Package consisting of our three most popular plans that will help minimize your financial risk: Health Insurance, Supplemental Accident Insurance, and Life Flight & Ambulance Coverage. Fill out our quote form today to receive customized service.

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We are an insurance brokerage firm specializing in finding you insurance plans to help cover your risks in life. The perks of our services include knowing exactly which companies have exclusions for riding and racing so you know you are covered on and off the track. But if you don’t ride, it’s even easier to find a plan that will meet your budget and needs as we cater to any individual or family under the age of 65.