If you are reading this, you are likely an athlete who spends a lot of time away from home competing in Rally events around the world. Imagine finding yourself hurt or sick in a foreign country. Who pays the hospital and doctors’ bills? Who pays for the follow-up care and specialists? How do you get home if you need long-term care and a medical flight?

For 2019, the DAKAR/ASO has once again secured Mutuaide for emergency & repatriation assistance that covers you during the rally. This is included in the cost of the 2019 entry fee, but it is highly recommended by all parties that you secure your own personal medical insurance as the Mutuaide policy maximum for medical & hospitalization benefits cap out at €4,500. Below, we explain in simple terms some important details you should know about the new coverage.

*Always refer to the DAKAR / ASO to obtain an up-to-date copy of the exact certificate/scheme.  Here is the current link to the 2019 certificate.

This article will focus on the Medical and Hospitalization component of the insurance that will advance funds, reimburse providers, or cover real expenses (in addition to or in place of the primary Health Insurance or any complementary public or private health plan).  

Let’s consider a few different scenarios to see how Mutuaides policy works.

Scenario 1: You Have Private Medical Insurance & Global Repatriation

You get hurt at the DAKAR Rally outside your home country of residence and are taken to the nearest hospital. If you have international private medical insurance, this information should be given to the hospital; they will then bill and coordinate with your international medical carrier.  On top of that, Mutuaide will guarantee the cost of an emergency ambulance transfer to the hospital and will cover the cost of the first €4,500 worth of medical expenses and hospital claims.  Any hospital bills over €4,500 will be your responsibility. Because you have international private medical insurance, it should cover the remaining expenses - leaving you worry-free. Further, your global repatriation policy will provide additional services like language translation, a bedside doctor/advocate fluent in both languages, and additional transportation services that are medically necessary.

Scenario 2: No Private Medical Insurance or Global Repatriation

Let’s again assume that you are injured at the DAKAR Rally outside your home country. However, this time you have no private international medical insurance or global repatriation.  Your cost for the ambulance transfer to the hospital will be covered, as well as the first €4,500 of medical bills. However, anything after exceeding that amount is your responsibility, and you will need to work with the hospital yourself on how to pay for your medical expenses and that can be very frustrating for managers and or family especially when there is a language barrier.  

Scenario 3: Life Outside of the DAKAR Rally

You are away from your home country traveling abroad all year - training, riding, testing, cycling, snowboarding - just living an international life. Most likely, your private or public medical insurance in your home country will not cover you if you get hurt or sick while abroad. Neither will the Mutuaide Insurance, as it is only applicable for medical needs that arise during select competition events. To truly be covered wherever you are in the world, you need a comprehensive international medical insurance plan to cover unexpected risks anywhere they happen.

What can you do to prepare for the 2019 DAKAR Rally/season? Understand how the Mutuaide Policy works and recognize that you need your own private medical insurance that covers you 24/7, 365 days a year, on and off the track, for all accidents and illnesses that may happen while you are racing, testing, or training. If you already have a plan in place, but it excludes racing, you should replace your current private or public plan with a new international medical plan that covers everything.

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