Toby Price - La Paz Hospital in Bolivia

Toby Price, who rarely needs an introduction in the motorsports world, was coming into the 2017 Dakar Rally as the defending champ in the motorcycle division. Late in Stage 6, we learned that Toby had been taken out of the race and flown to a hospital. Toby's manager, Matty McAlpine, immediately began working the situation from Australia. His first call was to RiderSurance, and he kept me current on the events as they unfolded. I immediately notified Toby’s private medical insurance company and his repatriation coverage carrier about the situation and made sure we did everything possible for our injured client. 

Here is what Toby had to say:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, the series you compete in, and where it takes you.

My name is Toby Price, and I'm an Australian off-road and Enduro motorbike racer. I've been on a bike since the age of two, and I now compete in the FIM World Rally Championship and Dakar Rally for the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. I race around all corners of the globe in rally format, mostly in Europe and America.

Tell us your experience at the Dakar Rally in January 2017.

After winning Dakar in 2016, I headed back to South America to take part in the 2017 event. I was leading the race, but must have hit a rock in a river bed (I can't remember much from the crash) and flipped. I later found out I had a broken femur, after being transported to La Paz Hospital where I underwent surgery. It was difficult to have been injured in a third world country; it was hard to get a bottle of water, and I was pretty unsure about the level of care. One of the policies included in my RiderSurance insurance package was flying in a Spanish and English speaking translator to be at my bedside to help with doctor translations, reading medical charts, etc. RiderSurance also negotiated my Private International Medical Policy and worked directly with the hospital. They paid out over $40,000 in negotiated paid claims after the Mutuaide Insurance organized by the Dakar/ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) ran out.

What were you looking for when you discovered RiderSurance, or how did you discover them?

I discovered RiderSurance through word of mouth; the Motorcycle industry is quite small, and it was all positive feedback. Once I looked into it further, RiderSurance brokered the best coverage available and made sure I didn’t have any issues when going overseas to do my job. Brandon has made insurance one less thing I have to worry about.

Had it not been for the policies you purchased through RiderSurance, what would have been the ramifications?

I could have been stuck with the retail cost of medical bills over $50,000. If it had been a more serious injury, I might have not have had the means to pay the bills or an air ambulance to get me home. When you are in a third world country, anything can happen. So it’s awesome that I had such great coverage and was able to get myself fit and healthy as quickly as possible to get back home on Australian soil.

How has your experience been with RiderSurance?

It has been a great experience; we have referred quite a few people from both motorcycle and car categories because I’ve never had any issues. In rough times, I find that working with RiderSurance is smooth sailing.

Would you ever ride without your helmet?

I would never ride without a helmet or my full race gear kit, so to me, it's crazy that athletes ride and compete without insurance; it can be just as important as your gear.

What would you tell other riders and racers out there who travel for their sport?

I would tell everyone to make sure, before your season starts or before your leave your home country, to get all of your insurance coverages in order. That way, you can make sure you give it everything you’ve got no matter what happens; rain, hail or shine.


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